Video Switchers

Remove potential disruptions at your next event or presentation with a high quality video switcher. Video switchers (or video mixers) allow you to effortlessly change between visual inputs from multiple sources and manage the output across multiple projectors and screens. You can also create a stunning super-wide screen effect with projection edge blending technology.

We have short and long term rental options available and can provide any technical support required before and during your event.

Key features

  • Input multiple AV feeds from a range of sources including video cameras and laptops
  • Switch seamlessly between sources to avoid event disruption
  • Output at up to full 1080p high definition across multiple displays

Contact us to discuss how Vidcom can help with all of your video switcher requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

Your laptop only requires a video output port to be compatible with our video switchers.

We can provide a video switcher to suit your needs with the following input/output ports:

We can cater for up to ten input feeds and ten output feeds.
video switcher from vidcom

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