Video and Audio Conferencing

Connect with your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders (nationally or internationally) in real-time with high-definition video and audio conferencing from Vidcom. The technology can help you save on travel time and costs, whilst increasing communication and productivity.

We have short and long term equipment rental options available, and can provide all the equipment necessary including speakers, microphones, cameras, full HD screens, and cabling. We also offer on-site technical support to ensure a flawless audio or video conference.

Key features:

  • Connect in real-time with up to full HD video and high quality audio
  • Plug and play equipment for ease of setup and use
  • Reduce travel time and costs while increasing productivity, collaboration, and communication
  • Highly reliable - allowing you to avoid lag and other interruptions
  • We can set up the equipment at your location or arrange video conferencing locations worldwide
  • Recording options available for later playback

Contact us to discuss how Vidcom can help with all of your audio and video conferencing requirements.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you have a minimum upload and download connection rate of 5 Mbps. The speed of your connection will determine the audio and video quality.

Firewalls can interfere with the technology and therefore a direct connection to the internet is required. We can provide a wireless 4G modem where there is coverage; however this may be less stable than using a fixed line connection.

Our audio conferencing technology has no limitations. Our video conferencing supports up to 5 separate sites teleconferencing in.

We use industry leading Polycom equipment. Polycom is a worldwide leader in video, voice, and content collaboration and communication technology.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how this solution can be tailored to your requirements, contact us here.

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