Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference combats travel limitations and gives your guests the opportunity to attend every event regardless of their location. It is a way to centralise communication and let attendees participate with more flexibility.

Making the digital transition doesn’t mean you have to compromise on engagement. With session enhancing features such as Q&A, polling, and surveys, you can gain valuable insight on viewers’ feedback and foster a collaborative environment.

Your presentations can be hosted on Zoom and other video chatting platforms, and Vidcom technicians will assist on all technical aspects. From event preparation to pre-record speakers if required, Vidcom will help make your virtual event a memorable one.

Key Benefits:

  • The presenters, technicians, and audience can all be at different locations
  • Screen configuration tailoring include PIP (Picture in Picture)
  • Speakers have full control of their presentations like a standard conference
  • Very reliable and stable connection through bond internet connection
  • Live and pre-recorded presentation options available
  • Easy participation for viewers - one link, one click and they are in.


You can obtain a wide range of statistics regarding the performance of your live stream such as:

Number of views
Receive figures on the total number of views of your event, as well as, breakdown figures on where those views are distributed around the globe. Numbers of unique views are also recorded for you to gain a sense of the size of your audience.

Viewing Times
Obtain the total and average watch time of your viewers for you to understand their engagement. Know where your targeted audience are located by comparing which demographics had the longest watch time.

Geographic Location
The analytics identifies which city within your country or where around the world people are streaming your event. Be surprised by how far your event can reach.

Device(s) used
See whether it’s from a desktop, mobile, or tablet, that your audiences are tuning in to your event. Understanding what the preferred devices of your audiences are can be beneficial to your future web-related strategies.

Media Type
Get data on the amount of viewers that are watching your event in real-time through the live streaming or from the recorded version.

Post event, event organisers can be presented with a pdf showing comprehensive analytics of their event.

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