Virtual AGM’s

Through forward-thinking technology, Vidcom can provide a variety of solutions to run your Annual General Meeting (AGM). We offer multiple of services to ensure conferences, meetings, gatherings, and events can still go ahead no matter the circumstances. With no limitations on national or international coverage, you’ll be able to communicate seamlessly with stakeholders anywhere.

Running AGMs with Vidcom’s live streaming service lets your gain insight and measure your event’s effectiveness. You can understand your guests’ engagement by the number of views, times of viewing, geographic locations, the device they’ve used with post-event analytics. As privacy is important, information discussed during virtual meetings are safeguarded through an encoded channel via the internet when recorded. Not only is the technology reliable, the visual and audio equipment is easy to use, offering full HD capabilities for crystal clear communication.

Contact us to discuss how Vidcom can help with all of your Virtual AGM’s requirements.

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